WFM Silicone Cord Locks (Black/Translucent) for DIY Face Mask Adjustable Drawstring Non Slip Toggle Stopper

WFM | Quality Silicon Cord Locks Accessory

Cord Locks are made of high-quality soft silicone. 

SOFT AND DURABLE – WFM Silicon Cord Locks come in a selection of 2 colours, Black and Translucent and in packs of 50 pieces or 100 pieces to suit your requirements. The cord lock is made of durable, skin-friendly soft silicone and is wear-resistant.

EASY TO ADJUST – WFM Silicon Cord Locks are designed for use by both kids and adults. The non-slip cord lock can be easily adjusted to any length of the drawstring while still securely holding the face masks on faces of all shapes and sizes.

COMPACT AND COMFORTABLE – The silicone Cord Lock is compact in size and comfortable to wear. The soft touch silicone reduces pressure and pain on your ear, while giving you comfort and better protection in wearing a face mask.

MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATION – the Silicone Cord Lock can be used with cotton face mask and disposable face mask. It’s most suitable for flat elastic drawstrings of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness. Exceptionally practical for usage from face mask, head band, lanyard, skirt, short, hat, bag, shoe-tie, kids-backpack, diaries and many more other applications.

COLOURS – WFM Silicon Cord Locks are available in 2 stylish colours, black and translucent.

OPTION  – Pre-pack in packs of 50 pieces and 100 pieces to suit your requirement.


•  Durable and lightweight
•  Soft to touch silicone
•  Compact, comfortable and easy to adjust
•  Multi-purpose application


Silicone Cord Lock Face Mask Drawstring Non-Slip Stopper

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