WFM Nose Bridge Flexible White Plastic Double Wire for DIY Face Mask Curved Adjustable Nose Strip

WFM | Quality White Plastic Wire Nose Bridge 

WFM Nose Bridges flexible white PE Plastic. 

WHITE PE PLASTIC – WFM Nose Bridge is a double wire and flexible white PE Plastic nose strip widely used on both disposable and DIY reusable cotton face mask. The Nose Bridges are available in pre-pack quantities in packs of 20 pieces, 50 pieces or 100 pieces to suit your requirements.

FLEXIBLE & DURABLE – WFM Nose Bridges are suitable for various applications as a flexible shape retention wire. PE plastic is more flexible and is quite durable to last the life time of a standard face mask.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – The white PE plastic Nose Bridges are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The flexibility of the PE Plastic reduces pressure on your nose bridge giving you comfort in wearing a face mask.

SIZE – Length: 10cm and Width: 4mm

MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATION – the Silicone Cord Lock is widely used for DIY cotton face mask, and many other hand craft applications from face mask, cap, hat, skirt collar, short, hat, bag, shoe-tie, kids-backpack, diaries and many more other applications.


•  Double wire white PE plastic
•  Flexible and durable
•  Light-weight, comfortable and perfect size
•  Multi-purpose application

Nose Bridge Face Mask Flexible White Plastic Wire Strip

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